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About Pilates


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Practitioner's Profile Galina Bell is a UK registered Osteopath and Polestar Pilates educator for the Rehabilitation Pilates Courses. Galina has been involved in sports from a very young age. Sports injuries, prevention and treatment have been her main interest over the past 20 years. Galina has spent the last 17 years teaching movement - from group fitness classes to Pilates mat and studio work. Inspired by the complexity of the human body, she continued developing her knowledge of anatomy, physiology and pathophysiology by completing a Degree in Osteopathy. At the moment Galina works from her clinic in Blackheath, London where she combines Osteopathy and Pilates rehabilitation. Her main goal as a practitioner is helping people to move without pain, so they can return to a joyful, independent and healthy life.

Pilates   is one of the fastest growing forms of exercise. Developed from the rehabilitation and physical therapy techniques of Joseph Pilates it is an intelligent and scientifically proven form of exercise which emphasis's  breathing, spinal movement, concentration, core control and full body alignment.

The quality of movement is valued over the quantity of movement. Pilates teaches us to be body aware, breathe efficiently, move with little effort, concentrate better and to develop a healthy body and mind.

Pilates is effectively used for improving and reviving structure and movement ability due to Back pain, shoulder problems, pelvic injuries, breathing difficulties, poor posture and general sports injuries.

Some conditions which could benefit from Pilates are:

  • Back pain as a result of spinal pathologies-Slipped (prolapse) Disc, Degeneration (e.g. Osteoarthritis), Spondylolisthesis, Hypo or Hypermobility Syndrome, sports and work related issues
  • Shoulder problems e.g. Rotator cuff injury, Shoulder instability, Upper Cross Syndrome
  • Neck and Pelvic instability
  • Osteoporosis 
  • Antenatal and postnatal issues
  • Postural compensations
  • And more conditions treated through physical therapy

To this day people that trained with Joseph Pilates and are trained by his colleagues continue to commit to his principles and techniques. He said that "in just 30 classes you will have a whole new body".

Price £54.00 six week block..see special offers


The beginners courses are intended to give a taste of what pilates is and after the first 6 week course you will begin to feel the benefits.

Each course lasts for 6 weeks (one class a week over six weeks) and we cater for beginner and intermediate levels.


Pilates 1:1 £50.00 per session delivered by a registered Pilates teacher and/or Registered Osteopathy practitioner (Clinical Pilates/rehabilitation).

In Pilates one to one sessions (1:1) you get to use Pilates machines .These are designed for people who have a specific goal in mind such as: rehabilitation, postural and movement enhancement, pre and postnatal care.

It also helps build core strength,improve spinal mobility, stability and muscle flexibility. These are key requirements for a healthier body.

After suffering a bone or muscle injury it is common for people to take up Pilates to get back to a balanced body.

1:1 sessions include a full body assessment and this usually takes 1  - 1.5 hours for the first session and 1 hour for subsequent sessions delivered by a registered Osteopath and clinical Pilates teacher.  





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