Massage South East London

with Albina Grigaliuniene

Ph: 07815 016 028

Deep Tissue ,  Swedish/Holistic,  Hot Stone, Cupping Therapy 

Anti-Aging  Facial with  Nu Skin Galvanic Spa  for man and women

Albina is a ITEC qualified and fully insured massage therapist
with more than  8  years experience.

Is a member of the Complementary Therapist Association

The effects and benefits of massage


-          improve skin tone and elasticity,

-          improve circulation,

-          boost immunity,

-          improve muscles suppleness,

-          relax nervous system, promote general relaxation,

-          encourage sleep, 

-          relieve insomnia,

-          balance the digestion system,

-          lower high blood pressure.


-          relax  the body and mind,

-          reducing tension and effects of stress,

-          relax the mind  thereby reducing anxiety and its effects,

-          soothe and comfort ,

-          give a  ‘lift’ to the emotions and increase positive feelings,

-          increase energy levels.


What is a Hot Stone massage?

With massage strokes, using stones to create a deep, relaxing
and healing treatment

-          increased local circulation,

-          impro

What is a Cupping therapy?

ved blood flow to surrounding tissues,

-          greater ability to transport toxins and waste products
from the area

-          Hot/cold stones provide a fantastic tool creating a sense
of depth to the massage without putting extra wear and
tear on the therapist’s hands.


In Chinese medicine theory the main general uses for Cupping are:

-          Clears Pathogenic factors from the body (Wind / Cold / Heat
or Damp )

-          Improves circulation of Qi and Xue (Blood)

The local benefits of Cupping are:

-          Pain relief

-          Relaxation of stiff muscles

-          Myofascial release

-          Improve skin

-          Improves blood circulation in the muscles, removes blood stasis
activates movement of Qi and Xue (blood) in the acupuncture
channels and collaterals.

-          Improves lymph drainage

-          Improves flow of Qi and Xue within the joints.

-          Improves repair of ligaments and tendons.

Anti-Aging Facial treatment with Nu Skin Galvanic SPA

These rejuvenating facial gels work with the face conductor and
Galvanic SPA to draw out dulling debris and allow pores to breathe
while delivering beneficial nutrients that focus cellular energy
and facilitate recovery from stress.

 The revolutionary ageLOC ingredient blends in Treatment Gel
helps slow the visible signs of aging at their course. Your skin
will look visibly younger and feel vibrant and revitalised.

The revolutionary Tru Face “Line Corector” and Galvanic

SPA helps to enhance the delivery of a pro-collagen peptide.

Peptides help reduce the appearance of moderate to deep lines
by sending age-reversing signals to collagen-producing cells.


Only Nu Skin Galvanic SPA and patent-pending ageLOC
technology can help slow free radical production at this course
in the epidermis – helping you control your skin future.


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